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Fayette County Defense Lawyer for Criminal, Family Law and Traffic Concerns

Although the Georgia court system is designed to protect the rights of all, it can be intimidating for a layperson who merely wants a positive outcome to his or her legal issue. A good attorney can help ensure the scales of justice aren't tilted against you.

I am Brandon A. Cline Attorney at Law. As a former prosecutor in Georgia courts, I have the knowledge and experience to understand complex legal issues from all sides and to advocate for your interests. I have experience representing diverse clients in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area in situations that include:

  • Criminal defense If you are accused of a crime, including DUI, or know someone who has been arrested, you may be concerned about your next move.
  • Family law If you are considering divorce or writing a will, or if you have another legal concern that affects your family's assets or future, you need to know the next steps to take. You owe it to yourself to obtain level-headed legal advice.
  • Traffic violations If you or a loved one was involved in a traffic accident or is accused of a traffic violation in Georgia, you may need representation to defend your interests.