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I am Brandon Cline, an attorney practicing in Peachtree City, Georgia.

At my law practice, Brandon A. Cline Attorney at Law, I represent clients throughout the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area in the disciplines of criminal defense, family law, traffic violations, and other legal areas including estate planning, trusts and wills.

Many people with legal needs seek out big-name firms in hopes of increasing their odds of getting a positive legal outcome. Once they are in the door, however, some find their cases shuttled to inexperienced attorneys hired to meet the firm’s profit goals quickly.

Instead of getting big-league attention and expertise, these clients can find themselves stuck with small-time results and high legal fees.

Hard-working, Conscientious and Flexible

At Brandon A. Cline Attorney at Law, what you hire is me – a hard-working, conscientious and thorough lawyer who puts your interests first. I put my all into representing my clients, whether resolving a DWI charge, negotiating a divorce settlement, or dealing constructively with the legal consequences of a traffic arrest.

I meet clients on their own turf, and I work with them to develop a “wish list” of possible outcomes. I work to do this in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Meeting Your Needs

For someone accused of DWI, this could mean exoneration or minimizing a financial or jail penalty. For someone ending a marriage, it can mean prioritizing assets, keeping a home, and resolving property and child-support claims.

Every client has different needs and takes different paths in meeting those needs. With the solid support and sound legal advice of Brandon A. Cline Attorney at Law, you can be assured that you will be heard and that your interests will come first.

Call me today in Peachtree, Georgia, at 770-884-4750 or contact me here. I accept credit cards and offer free initial consultations to my clients. I am willing to make house calls, so I can understand your case.

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