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If you are accused of a crime, you are entitled to defend yourself in a court of law. But without an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, your notions of justice could fall by the wayside.

Brandon A. Cline Attorney at Law in Peachtree, Georgia has years of experience working in the state legal system. I have defended clients in numerous Atlanta-area courts regarding a wide range of criminal charges, including driving while intoxicated (DWI), drug offenses and domestic battery.

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Atlanta Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer

Convictions — especially felony convictions — for DWI, drug offenses and other alleged crimes can wreak havoc on your life, or that of a loved one. A convicted felon is prohibited from voting, owning a handgun, and usually, from getting a good job. Incarceration can cause immense damage to one’s mental health and relationships.

Friends or family may say you don’t need an attorney because of the perceived expense, your believed innocence, or out of simple ignorance of courtroom realities.

Unfortunately, many who fail to seek good counsel end up convicted or in jail. Courts can be especially unkind to defendants who try to represent themselves in ignorance of established legal procedures.

Don’t listen to bad advice: It is important to seek a qualified, experienced defense lawyer before a felony or other serious conviction appears on your permanent record.

I have resolved cases favorably for hundreds of criminally accused clients over the years, through both bench and jury trials. Often, I have secured for my clients pleas to lesser charges, obtained reduced penalties, or kept charges off their records altogether.

If you have already been convicted of a crime, I may be able to secure an expungement.

Not Necessarily Guilty as Charged

Criminal prosecutors can have the mindset that anyone charged with a crime is guilty. I know this because I worked as one early in my career.

My eyes were opened when I learned that, very frequently, people are wrongly accused of — and wrongly prosecuted for — crimes they didn’t commit. Sometimes, the punishment was far worse than the alleged crime.

The court system can be a confusing and dangerous place for an accused person who lacks good legal counsel. I am educated in the law, have experience in its application, and can give sound advice regarding a variety of circumstances.

You may be convinced you did nothing wrong, or know that something of which you are does not fit the circumstances. In such cases, it is extremely important that you contact a qualified Peachtree City criminal defense lawyer to get proper legal advice.

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