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Don’t Let a Traffic Issue Compromise Your Future

A traffic violation can do more than ruin your day — under certain circumstances it can create a legal quagmire that saps more time, energy and money than you ever expected.

At Brandon A. Cline Attorney at Law, I have experience with the Georgia law and its court system. If you are experiencing difficulties relating to a traffic ticket, accident, or other consequence resulting on Atlanta-area roads, contact me   here or at 770-884-4750.

My office is located conveniently in suburban Peachtree City, about 20 miles southwest of Atlanta. I offer free, initial consultations and am willing to come to you to discuss your legal needs.

Atlanta Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer

For many people, speeding tickets serve as annoying reminders of one’s duty to obey the law.

However, not all speeding tickets are proof of a driving violation. Patrol officers do make mistakes. Sometimes they fail to perform proper documentation. Sometimes, they pull over the wrong vehicle.

The same can happen with other purported violations at stop lights, stop signs, in lanes of traffic, and on the open road. A police officer’s word isn’t always the last one when it comes to determining whether a violation occurred, especially in the case of an accident.

Out-of-state drivers — particularly commercial truckers and others in the transport industry — have special concerns, especially when high speeds or reckless driving charges are involved. It might be impractical or prohibitively expensive for you to return to Georgia for your court date. Conversely, If you live in a state that enforces excess speed penalties, a ticket in Georgia could still cost you your license.

As your attorney, I can appear in your stead at most Georgia courts. There, I can work to resolve your speeding ticket, reckless driving charge, or other legal issue — without you having to make a return trip. If you are a Georgia resident, the same service applies.

As your legal representative, I would advocate your legal interests as if you were in the room.

Why You Need a Peachtree City Traffic Violations Lawyer

It might seem counter-intuitive to hire an attorney to contest a traffic violation that seems open-and-shut. What would do have to gain?

The real question is “What do you have to lose?” Your license for one thing. Steep fines and possible jail time, for another.

Commercial drivers, especially, can face crippling consequences from unresolved traffic situations. Too many tickets in a two-year span can prohibit a commercial driver from working in Georgia. When a driver can’t drive, it’s the same as losing a job.

Further, special rules apply for under-21 drivers accused of reckless driving. If you’re not yet of age, you need a reckless driving defense. You could lose your license for up to six months if convicted.

Help Is a Phone Call Away

As your legal representative, Brandon A. Cline Attorney at Law can help you keep tickets and other violations off your record and preserve your ability to drive and make a living.

For a free, initial consultation, call me today at 770-884-4750 or contact me here. Find out what my experience and knowledge of Georgia law can do for you.

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